What Wild Animal Tracking Taught Me About Increasing Website Conversions

Tagging them before they're released is the key.

Imagine having a massive sales force, available 24/7, that could individually follow up and engage with your best prospects, whenever the time was right -- on autopilot. Sound like a pipe dream ? Retargeting advertising can actually transform your website into this sales force by using the same catch and release strategy as those wildlife shows you’ve watched.

April 23, 2017 by Taylor

Stop me if you’ve heard this before…
“The fortune is in the follow-up.”
We all know this is true. In fact, experts say that 80% of all sales happen between the fifth and the twelfth contact.

So why don’t more salespeople follow up?
Because it’s a lot like pushing a car uphill- excruciating and time-consuming.
However, technology has finally made following up with website visitors at least pretty painless.


You may have heard the latest statistics:
2% or less of your visitors take action on your website.
This means that after all the time, money and sweat you poured into developing your site, at least 98% of your visitors treat it like a revolving door. Most of them leave and never come back. But now, you can follow up with these lost visitors even if you don’t have their email address, through a form of advertising known as retargeting or remarketing.

So what is it and how does it work?
Retargeting is actually almost identical to those wildlife shows where a wild animal is captured, tagged and then released back into the wild.

A visitor comes to your website. On the site is a piece of code that “cookies” or tags the visitor. When they leave later, the cookie goes with them.
Later, you can target them with advertising that follows the cookie. So you can keep track of people who visit your site and show them your ads as they visit other sites online.

This kind of advertising has some hefty advantages:
First, you are only advertising to people who are already familiar with you, because no one will see your retargeting ad who hasn’t been to your website. This fact alone can lower your advertising costs because your message is more relevant than it would be to a someone who has never heard of you.

Secondly, the follow-up process starts almost immediately after a visitor leaves your site.
Thirdly, retargeting automates your follow-up process. Imagine being able to have a massive sales force, available 24/7, who could individually follow up and engage with your best prospects, whenever the time was right- on autopilot.

Pretty powerful, right?
Every time prospects see your retargeting ad, your brand gains more traction and increases the chance that they will think of you first when it’s time to buy.

Retargeting is a unique and effective way to follow-up with people who have shown interest in your business. Done right, it can help you convert a portion of the 98% of the people who leave your website without taking action as well the 80% of buyers who purchase between the fifth and twelfth contact.

Ready to get started building an audience of your website visitors that you can retarget?


Posted by Taylor on April 23rd

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