8 "Dating Strategies" that will help find your dream customers...

and build relationships that can last a lifetime

Finding new customers is like dating. Not only will you find your dream customers, you will also build relationships that can last a lifetime.

February 14, 2018 by Brad Bruckner

Step 1: Go Where They Are

Make your prospects aware that you exist.

If you want to meet the person of your dreams you need to know:

1. An idea of the type of person you’re looking for 
2. The places where they hang out
3. A plan on how you’re going to catch their eye and approach them

It’s the same in business:

1. Who is your ideal customer?
2. How can you find them?
3. What is your strategy to capture their attention?


Step 2: Engage Your Audience
Just catching someone’s eye isn't enough.

You have to capture their attention. You need to say something interesting or show how you are different from others. Even a smile or joke goes a long way.  It should be something that intrigues them enough to want to learn more.


Step 3: Get Their Number
Now that you have their attention, you need to get their phone number or email so you can contact them again. Otherwise, all your effort has been in vain. So how do you do get their number?  

Usually, you need some kind of bait or a "lead magnet".

This can be a coupon, a template, a checklist. It might even be a quiz or a survey.

It could be something that addresses your market’s greatest desire or gives a quick solution to one of its greatest fears. Just make sure it’s:

1. Highly desirable (Your target market really needs or wants it.)
2. Ultra-specific  (“10 ways to get 2X more customers in 30 days” rather than “get more leads”.)
3. Easy to consume (Think of creating a small, tasty appetizer rather than the main course.)

Step 4: The 1st Date

You have their number. What do you do now?

Ask them out on date!

This step is crucial because it’s where you get some level of commitment. 

But just like in dating, you don’t want to ask for too much too soon. Just ask for a small amount of time.

It’s not “Let’s go away for a weekend together”, it’s “You want to meet for coffee or a drink?” or “Sign up for a free trial” or “Attend my webinar”.

The key is to provide an entry-level offer that seamlessly onboards them as a customer.


Step 5: Impress
Nice job! You got the date. SCORE! So you're done, right?

Not exactly.

You want to make sure your new customer has a great time and will get excited to hear from you in the future. So you need a reliable and systematic way of providing an amazing customer experience that both excites them and leaves them wanting more.

Think of the attention to customer experience. Companies like Apple have been doing this successfully for years.  Ask yourself how can you apply these strategies to your entry-level products and services?

Step 6: Get Hitched
Time to ascend the relationship. In this stage, you’ll sell your flagship offer. It’s also where you’re going to invite your customers to come back and buy more. It’s essential at this stage that your customer continues to get value from doing business with you. Otherwise they will lose interest, get stuck and eventually drop out.

To get customers to come back and buy more, you’ll need a highly personalized system of relevant offers, advertising, content, and follow up.

Now you might be tempted to stop here. But just like flowers, candy and date nights shouldn't stop once you get married (if you want to stay married, at least smile), marketing shouldn’t end here either.

Steps 7 & 8: "Keep the Passion Alive” and “Still Gushing After All These Years.”
These both need to happen after the wedding or after the sale.

Your goal here is to activate your customers to leave you testimonials and promote your company to their friends and peers.

The key is to provide an 'above-and-beyond-what-would-normally-be-expected' level of service and support. Maybe you could have a Facebook group where they can go for support, or offer valuable discounts to affiliate partners.

If you'd like some help finding new customers, think of us as your Match Maker. Not only will we help you find your perfect customer, we also help you build relationships that can last a lifetime.

Posted by Brad Bruckner on February 14th

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